impact chats

The future of sanitation: BORDA Director Stefan Reuter & Sorenson Impact Senior Fellow Michael Lindenmayer

Stefan Reuter, director of BORDA talks with Michael Lindenmayer, Senior Fellow at the Sorenson Impact Center, about sanitation and its profound impact. Reuter says, "Over the past hundred years, our life expectancy has grown by 30 years...25 of those 30 years of additional life expectancy comes from improved sanitation."

Moment to watch for: when Stefan shares his idea regarding data collection from 'smart toilet' samples.


Sustainable investing and its trends with Audrey Choi & Dave Chen

Audrey Choi of Morgan Stanley's Institute for Sustainable Investing talks with Dave Chen of Equilibrium Capital about the important changes in the field of sustainable investing, as well as whether an investment is fundamentally sustainable or not.
Moment to watch for: when Chen makes the comparison of an apartment building worth investing in when discussing investments analysis.

Pay for Success & Data to Scale a Social Change Movement: Tracy Palandjian and Gretchen Anderson 

Tracy Palandjian, CEO and Co-Founder of Social Finance, and Gretchen Anderson, Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives at Sorenson Impact speak on the history and future of Pay for Success / Social Impact Bonds, and the appetite for private capital to serve social good.

Moment to watch for: when Palandjian explains why Pay for Success is such an interesting and valuable tool with many uses.

Innovation in Workforce Development: Fraser Nelson & Carla Javits on Social Change & Data 

Carla Javits, President & CEO of REDF and Fraser Nelson of Sorenson Impact talk about innovations in workforce development and providing opportunities to those experiencing homelessness, those released after being incarcerated, or for those who can't attain or retain a job for any other reason. Themes of the chat include social change, triple bottom lines, and data.

Moment to watch for: when Javits illustrates the future of social enterprise, and how they're working in small towns.

U.S. Congressman John Delaney & Sorenson Impact Director Jeremy Keele discuss government innovation 

U.S. Congressman John Delaney of Maryland's 6th congressional district talks with Sorenson Impact Center President and CEO Jeremy Keele about using data to solve social problems, data innovation in government, and why the private and public sector should cross over.

Moment to watch for: when Delaney spells out why the private and public sector should cross over.

Performance and accountability with Rashad Young of Washington D.C. 

Beth Mitchell, the Director of Performance and Accountability at the Salt Lake County Government, talks with Rashad Young, City Administrator for the District of Columbia, about performance, accountability, and data in district government, and the work of The Lab at D.C.

Moment to watch for: when Rashad shares his experience starting the Lab at D.C, and how they're using evidence to evaluate their policies.


Jim Sorenson & Chid Liberty talk impact investing

The Sorenson Impact Center's founder, Jim Sorenson, and the co-founder and CEO of Liberty & Justice, Chid Liberty, sit down and discuss Impact Investing, the journey into the Sorenson Impact Foundation, and the challenges and opportunities in the entrepreneur's journey.

Moment to watch for: when Chid Liberty discusses his challenges during the ebola outbreak in Africa, and how—despite these challenges—he and his team found success.


Jim Sorenson & Jeremy Keele discuss social impact investing

The Sorenson Impact Center's founder, Jim Sorenson, and the Sorenson Impact Center's president & CEO, Jeremy Keele, discuss Jim's role in pioneering Impact Investing as well as social change, data, measuring impact, and social innovation.

Moment to watch for: when Jim Sorenson reminisces on his environment growing up which led him to wanting to become an entrepreneur.


Impact Measurement with Matthew Weatherly-White + Nicholas Fritz

The CAPROCK Group's Matthew Weatherley-White and the Sorenson Impact Center's Nick Fritz discuss the future of impact measurement, quantifying risk, and impact integrity. 

Moment to watch for: when Weatherly-White evokes Lord of the Rings to describe the state of impact measurement.



George Hawkins of DC Water Discusses the Country's First Green Bond

In honor of Earth Day, George Hawkins, CEO and General Manager of DC Water, talks with Lisa Cox, manager at Sorenson Impact Center, about the first green bond in the US and how it catalyzed innovation in DC's water management system. 

Moment to watch for: when Hawkins gesticulates exploding sidewalk manholes from combined sewer overflows (CSOs).



Solutions Journalism with David Bornstein & Jack Robinson

David Bornstein of the New York Times "Fixes" column and co-founder of Solutions Journalism Network, talks with Jack Robinson, director of research at Sorenson Impact Center, about the importance of solutions journalism and inspiration by example. (See our blog post about this Impact Chat here.)

Moment to watch for: when Bornstein references Harry Potter to describe the problem-solving journey.



Gender Lens Investing with Jacki Zehner and Jackie VanderBrug

Jacki Zehner of The Jacquelyn & Gregory Zehner Foundation and Jackie VanderBrug of U.S. Trust and Bank of America Corp. talk with us about the strategies and future of Gender Lens Investing. (See our blog post about this Impact Chat here.)

Moment to watch for: when VanderBrug says she sees "finance as the new frontier of feminism."



Impact Investing Is Transforming Entrepreneurship & Finance

Shawn Lesser, cofounder and partner of Big Path Capital, and Patrick Mullen, former managing director of impact investing at Sorenson Impact speak on the future of impact investment, social finance, social capital, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneur advice, the economy, and social change. 



Using Data Science to Create & Measure Change

Hear our Chief Data Scientist, Daniel Hadley, discuss the challenges and opportunities of data in the social sector with Rayid Ghani, Director of the Center for Data Science & Public Policy at the University of Chicago.



Telling the Story of Impact

Soledad O’Brien of Starfish Media Group and executive director Mikaela Beardsley of the What Works Media Project discuss both the excitement and challenge of telling the story of "what works" in policy today in America.



Making an Impact on Early Childhood Development

Janet Froetscher of the Pritzker Family Foundation and Dr. Jack Shonkoff of Harvard's Center on the Developing Child discuss building a foundation so children can benefit from rich experiences, develop resiliency, and learn effectively.