catalyzing impact

Connect. Invest. Empower. 

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Solution Centric 


When a smart idea can solve a big societal challenge—we champion it.

Our three-pronged approach drives positive change:



We break down silos. In our unique approach, ideas collide among investors, policymakers, business leaders, nonprofits, philanthropists, professors, and students to make a positive social impact.


We invest in outcomes. Investors can do well while doing good. It's obviously important to measure the financial return, but we go a step further to measure the social return.


We empower data-driven leaders. Knowledge equips those who work to solve social problems, whether it's the leaders of today or those we're preparing for tomorrow. 



impact investing

We champion "doing well while doing good." 


Facilitating over $100 million in investments.

We champion investments where private capital and social good connect. We advise investors, philanthropists, family offices, high net worth individuals, and others on how they can achieve double bottom-line returns. Our value proposition is a 360-degree perspective on the impact investing landscape, our unparalleled pipeline of high-impact investment opportunities from around the globe, and our uncompromising approach to financial and impact due diligence.


impact measurement

Benchmarking progress in individuals' lives.


Quantifying impact.

We work with government, investors, philanthropists, and other funders of social services to answer the question: what impact does my money have on individuals' lives? Whether it's evaluating a specific intervention or assessing the impact of an entire portfolio, we help you quantify the difference you make in the world.


performance & innovation

Tracking and improving social programs.


Supporting what works.

We help governments, nonprofits, social enterprise, and philanthropy get better results through a clear focus on mission-aligned, long-term outcomes. Center strategies include:

  1. Designing programs that incorporate research-based best practices;
  2. Tracking performance to understand what’s “working”;
  3. Using data to improve program performance over time;
  4. Re-allocating resources toward more evidence-based models; and
  5. Developing innovative funding strategies to scale proven models. 



Where ideas collide and are catalyzed.


Finding uncommon solutions to common problems.

At the Think Tank, we conduct policy research in the fields of impact investing, impact measurement, and social sector performance & innovation. We are committed to developing cutting-edge approaches, models, and strategies that use data and innovation to confront difficult social and public health challenges.