Advisory Services



We bring experience from a wide range of backgrounds to help our partners visualize and achieve improved outcomes.



Our goal is to scale and fund effective programs and investments to improve lives. We provide our partners with customized solutions tailored to the particular needs of each community.

We believe thoughtful use of data and innovation can net better results for the world. Based on this premise, we advise a wide range of stakeholders—from state and local government agencies to investors, foundations, and service providers—to develop effective strategies that fund, measure, and improve our society.



How we support our partners:


data science

We provide statistical analyses, predictive analytics, dashboards, visualizations, and other data analyses to governments, nonprofits, and foundations seeking to gain insight from their data.



capacity building 

No data to analyze? We can help you sort through your organizational performance framework and help you think about what's important to measure, what systems you'll need in place to collect it, and what to do with it when you have it. If you would like to build expertise in using data to drive decisions and better understand client outcomes, capacity building is a powerful exercise.




For those looking to prove that their services make a difference in the lives of those they serve, full scale program evaluation is the best option.


social cost-benefit analysis

Similar to an economic impact assessment, a cost-benefit analysis provides a systematic look at the social costs and benefits of an intervention to determine whether or not the program is cost beneficial and identify critical stakeholders that have the most to lose or gain.



impact investment pipeline

We provide deal flow, due diligence, market and industry analysis, and other services for investors looking to increase their exposure to impact investments.



performance-based contracting, including Pay for Success

We draw on a depth of experience working in dozens of jurisdictions and issue areas to develop Pay for Success based financing projects for governments and service providers.



infographics, motion graphics, films

Communicating complex issues like evaluation results and social cost-benefit analysis can be a tricky prospect. The communications team at Sorenson Impact is well versed in these issues and happy to help generate content for stakeholder engagement.


For more information on how we can catalyze your initiatives: