BRCK is a producer of technology hardware designed for Africa and other emerging markets.




BRCK is a producer of technology hardware designed for African and other emerging markets. The Company is based in Nairobi, Kenya and has two primary offerings. One is their “BRCK” product that is a wireless router and modem that allows over twenty devices to be connected to the Internet. The second is their Kio Kit product, which includes a BRCK product as well as 40 tablets for classroom students. All of the Company’s products have been developed for the peri-urban and rural African market, including but not limited to the following features: dust resistance, durability for excessive wear and tear, battery and surge protection due to frequent power outages and unreliable power surges, and storage and broadcasting ability even while not connected to the Internet.   



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800M people within Africa lack regular Internet connections, a statistic attributed to a rural geographic and the accompanying poor infrastructure. Although the industry is extremely competitive concerning those residing in large cities, very few solutions are targeting the underserved market segment. 60% of classrooms in SSA lack basic infrastructure necessary for 1-to-1 classroom computing, proving difficult for classroom instruction platforms and digital literacy companies.



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Following a $500,000 investment from the Sorenson Impact Foundation, BRCK has been in negotiations with a large educational buyer for their Kio Kit offerings to be rolled out widely, potentially revolutionizing the early education market in Kenya.