Community Re-development


Strengthening neighborhoods.

Across the country, at-risk communities are faced with a diverse set of public health, economic, and physical development challenges. Using a piecemeal approach to address these issues fails to recognize their complex, interrelated, and often intergenerational sources. By incorporating a collaborative, communicative, and asset-based approach, Sorenson Impact identifies and leverages synergies to collaborate and collectively drive change.

Community revitalization principles embody Sorenson Impact's core competencies: impact investing, data-driven decision-making, evidence-based advisory services, and applied academics. Efforts must include active community members with a voice at the table. This provides those impacted daily with the opportunity to help shape the initiative itself, while also establishing a feedback process that is crucial for sustainable projects.

We work directly with leaders in public, nonprofit, private, and institutional sectors to develop an asset-based framework for engagement and action—one that is further reinforced with the early establishment of positive outcome metrics. These metrics signal progress towards measurable social impact, while maintaining transparency and accountability among stakeholders and providers alike to ultimately redevelop communities.


How we help communities shine:


evidence-based solutions 

We help employ data-driven decision-making tools and strategies to get all parties on the same page and have the largest impact.



customized data solutions

We help design customized data solutions and dashboards to guide decisions and measure progress in real time.



structured collaborations

We facilitate and assess various collaborative structures in order to help design the most effective partnerships and initiatives.



funding advisory

We explore different funding structures for community redevelopment initiatives and identify the benefits and challenges within each model.



transaction structuring

We assist in structuring and building capacity to execute social impact financing projects within your community.



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