Data-Driven Decisions


The right data at the right time.

Good data, when combined with decision-making and great analytics, can help answer complex questions—but simply having access to good data is not enough. Sorenson Impact advises local and state government officials, service providers, and investors on making decisions that are grounded in academic and industry research and hard data. In many cases, this process represents a significant departure from decision-making as usual and leads to improved outcomes for the communities and individuals being served.

Sorenson Impact's process for achieving actionable intelligence is based on extensive experience in data science. We start with the outcome objective, conduct a landscape scan of available data, and determine the data needed to make decisions and measure progress toward outcomes. Convening owners of multiple data systems and jurisdictions often reveals unknown information about service populations and their needs, and we work with local resources to understand how to unlock the data sources that drive the decision-making process.


How we empower clients with data:


data diagnostics & work plans

We offer data diagnostics to identify gaps in data and to inform customized work plans.



data sharing negotiations

We help convene the various owners of data systems to talk through requirements and achieve high levels of collaboration through data sharing agreements.



coding & accessing

We write code to access, merge, and clean data to be most beneficial to users, mindful of best practices around security, redundancy, and version control.



data & code repositories

We develop data and code repositories to institutionalize our work and put clients on the road to sustainability.



custom dashboards & visualizations

We create dashboards and visualizations of client data in order to express trends and other important information in a user-friendly and persuasive form.



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