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Elizabeth Fine

Sorenson Fellow, Policy Innovation

mail: elizabeth.fine[at]

Elizabeth is a Student Fellow at Sorenson Impact, working on the Policy and Social Innovation team since May 2018. She is a fifth year undergraduate student at the University of Utah, earning Honors degrees in French and Chemistry. Her Chemistry research covers the use of iron-based ligands in catalysis and her French research centered on imagery in medieval French media, such as manuscript images, legend retellings, and stained glass.

Elizabeth first became interested in policy and social innovation during her time internationally, growing up in both France and Thailand. Increasing access to education and encouraging pursuit of STEM in students, Elizabeth has volunteered with the American Chemical Society, worked as a teaching assistant in a French immersion preschool, and as a teaching assistant in undergraduate chemistry courses. She hopes to move forward from her undergraduate studies to earn a PhD and promote education globally.

In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys skiing, performing experiments with ACS, hiking in the beautiful Utah mountains, climbing, and traveling. She is also a hobbyist baker who loves to spend time making pies, cupcakes, pasta and shortbread cookies.