for Social Enterprises


Scaling impactful businesses.

Sorenson Impact works with innovative social entrepreneurs to scale and grow their ventures. By advising on market entrance strategies and assessing the strength of core business operations, we endeavor to bring social enterprises from the pioneering gap to the public market. We have worked directly with businesses across the globe to help project growth as well as assess market value, competitive market positioning, and comprehensive pre-investment screens.

We work with a wide range of companies, from early stage waste management and composting companies in the U.S., to small business lenders in India, to mobile money companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. We seek long term partnerships with leading companies across industries and provide investment analyses at an affordable basis.


How we serve social enterprises:


impact analyses

Research and reporting on the direct quantifiable impact a venture has in order to profile the investment opportunity for an impact-oriented funder



go-to-market analyses

Assess and advise on the strengths and advantages of a venture and how to position in the market given the competitive and industry landscape



value-add services

A variety of peripheral services including consultation on fundraising strategies, company valuation, marketing, operations, etc.



Our portfolio:

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