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Focusing on outcomes in policymaking.

Governments face a daunting challenge: a wide range of complicated social problems in an era of tight public budgets. At Sorenson Impact, we work with policymakers around the country to foster a mindset focused on social outcomes. This focus on outcomes, as opposed to outputs, holds programs accountable to measurable impact. To facilitate this shift in thinking and policy, Sorenson Impact collaborates with policymakers to leverage innovative tools, engage in systems-level thinking, and develop cross-sector strategies to build solutions that have a positive community impact.

Along with governments, Sorenson Impact works across sectors with other key stakeholders, including nonprofit and private service providers, philanthropic foundations, impact investors, community-based organizations, and others to accelerate sustainable social change.


How we empower government clients:


evidence-based solutions 

We help governments identify and implement promising practices and evidence-based programs that drive towards better outcomes for challenging social problems.



customized data solutions

We help design customized data solutions to guide policymaking in real time and bolster performance measurement.



financial modeling

We develop cost-benefit models to analyze the costs of social problems and the value of effective interventions.



performance-based approaches

We explore and develop performance-based funding approaches for delivering social programs, such as Pay for Success / Social Impact Bonds.



evaluation strategies

We help design evaluation strategies to rigorously measure the effectiveness of programs and policies.



transaction structuring

We assist governments in structuring and building capacity to execute social impact financing projects, including Social Impact Bonds, Development Impact Bonds, and Multilateral Funding agreements.



place-based initiatives

We assess and help form collaborative partnerships to tackle place-based initiatives, such as community redevelopment and collective impact efforts. 



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