Impact Measurement 


Aligning mission and measurement.

We all want our work to make a lasting impact on the world. But good intentions don't equal impact. That's why we work with investors and philanthropists to answer the question, what impact does my money have on individuals' lives? Whether it's assessing the impact of your portfolio or cultivating a better understanding of mission-driven enterprises, we help you quantify the difference you make in the world.

When done thoughtfully, impact measurement can lead to rational funding decisions that optimize your portfolio for impact and return. Sorenson Impact works in collaboration with funders to develop the impact measurement tools that align mission and measurement—ultimately retooling the compliance and reporting framework to measure outcomes and impact.

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How we help show the difference you make:


create tailored toolsets

We develop impact evaluation tools that couple global best practices in impact measurement with a highly customized set of indicators for your mission-driven goals.



grantee capacity building

We know that grantees aren't always prepared to report on the metrics that are most meaningful to you, so we help build capacity at the grantee level to ensure all is aligned to measure impact most effectively.



foundation capacity building

We help foundations develop and implement a plan for integrating best practices and identifying assessment tools, quality assurance protocols, and a monitoring/evaluation plan that suits your mission-driven needs.



open productive dialogue

We organize work sessions and roundtables with all parties to inform and formalize foundation-level outcome targets so that all players can commence work from the same level of understanding.



evaluation strategies

We help design evaluation strategies to rigorously measure the effectiveness of programs and policies.



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