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Driving impact.

At Sorenson Impact, we serve investors for whom positive societal impact is as important as their portfolio’s performance. Our team conducts research for leading impact investment funds, entrepreneurs, innovative nonprofits, and foundations interested in unlocking potential through Program-Related Investments (PRIs) and Mission-Related Investments (MRIs). While our global investing arm focuses on impact, we understand how sustainable and responsible investing practices can facilitate catalytic change and long-term growth.

Sorenson Impact works directly with investors to provide due diligence underwriting assistance for a variety of direct impact investments. Our team provides investors access to a unique pool of resources to research and analyze deals across a wide array of categories to support impact investments. We specialize in assessing the risk, reward, and social impact opportunity, customized for each investment.


How we give impact investors an edge:


investment research & analysis

We provide customized due diligence and modeling for investment deals both domestically and abroad.



market studies

We offer comprehensive analyses of nearly any sector in the impact investing industry.



entrepreneurship expertise

We provide investment and due diligence for early and growth-stage businesses.



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