Jeffrey Morelli

Sorenson Fellow, Policy Innovation


Jeffrey Morelli is an associate at Sorenson Impact, where he focuses on social impact and policy innovation with a special interest in the autism community. 

Prior to joining Sorenson, Jeffrey completed his undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Utah. While completing his degree, Jeffrey started two technology startups, one of which is still in use today. At 19 years old, Jeffrey started a social media platform called Niteout for college students. In 2013, Niteout was recognized as one of the most innovative startups at the University of Utah. Niteout fell to the side as a new opportunity presented itself. In 2015, Jeffrey moved to San francisco to help create Nightingale, a startup in San Francisco providing a HIPAA compliant platform for autism therapists. Jeffrey was the Director of Sales and oversaw business development. While at the helm, he expanded service from California to the East Coast and even to Africa. As a result, sales increased 40-fold.