July 11, 2017

MIT Press JournalsPay for Success as a Policy Tool

We hope that successful collaborative partnerships like that between Salt Lake County and the Sorenson Impact Center will help advance other efforts around the nation to reduce recidivism and homelessness...


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October 17, 2017

BmeaningfulThe Future of Impact Investing

"The investing ecosystem will be more robust and complex, requiring greater vision, leadership, commitment and collaboration."—Sorenson Impact Center President and CEO, Jeremy Keele, on the future of impact investing.



October 13, 2017

SantanderSantander InnoVentures leads USD 6 million round in Mexican startup ePesos to advance financial inclusion

"Other institutional investors participating in the round include VilCap Investments, Pomona Impact, and Fiinlab, the innovation lab owned by Gentera. The round also saw participation from Sorenson Impact Foundation, a leading social impact fund, which is making its first investment in Mexico."



August 23, 2017

CNN MoneyThese super-rich families are investing their fortunes to help others

"[The ImPact's] founding members include Liesel Pritzker Simmons (an heiress to the Hyatt Hotels fortune), Jason Ingle (great-great grandson of Henry Ford) and Jim Sorenson (son of businessman James LeVoy Sorenson)."



August 11, 2017

CITYLABWhat This Salt Lake City Heatmap Tells Us About Drug Crime

“A lot of the drug crime is attributable to that one square block,” says Daniel Hadley, director of data science at the Sorenson Center. His team has created a heat map that shows how the local police department’s drug-related encounters have increasingly concentrated in that area over the last few years...



August 9, 2017

Deseret NewsA. Scott Anderson: An ingenious way to bolster investment in at-risk communities

Utah entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist James Lee Sorenson is working to reverse this trend. By championing innovative legislation in Congress, and through the work of the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, Sorenson is seeking to accelerate investments in startups to help revitalize economically distressed communities...



July 26, 2017

The U.S. Impact Investing AllianceU.S. Impact Investing Alliance Launches to Scale the Practice of Impact Investing

The Alliance’s 11-member board comprises leading practitioners from across the impact investing community, including private investors, foundations, intermediaries and asset managers. Jim Sorenson, Chairman, Sorenson Impact Foundation...



July 26, 207

ImpactAlphaBlending finance for global goals, responsible robo-advisors, U.S. impact investing alliance, future of transportation in the U.K.

The 11-member board is heavily weighted toward philanthropic foundations, including the presidents of the MacArthur, Kresge, Heron and Sorenson Impact foundations and the Omidyar Network...



July 4, 2017

The News & ObserverUtah's paroled fugitive count increased in past 2-plus years

The Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah conducted the study with funding from the Utah Association of Counties. The findings were presented Thursday to a group of Utah county prosecutors...



July 4, 2017

US NewsUtah's Paroled Fugitive Count Increased in Past 2-Plus Years

The Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah conducted the study with funding from the Utah Association of Counties. The findings were presented Thursday to a group of Utah county prosecutors...



July 2, 2017

Deseret NewsUtah's paroled fugitive count increased sharply in past 2 years

The fugitive figures were presented to a group of county prosecutors in Heber City on Thursday as part of a larger crime study funded by the Utah Association of Counties and conducted by the Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah...



June 14, 2017

MediumWhat to Read This Week: The Good Capital Project Series

Leading up to the launch of the Good Capital Project, SOCAP is posting a series of interviews with impact leaders about why the Good Capital Project is needed now. Contributors include such well-respected leaders in the space as Jim Sorenson, Chairman of the Sorenson Impact Foundation...



May 26, 2017

KSL'This will change lives:' New center's goal is to rehab likely repeat offenders

Jeremy Keele, managing director of the Sorenson Impact Center, which is coordinating some project management as it pertains to REACH, explained that the county's reimbursement of the program's private funders is not an all-or-nothing scenario...



May 25, 2017

The Salt Lake TribuneCounty launches program aimed at tracking, reducing repeat criminal offending

That's how we know, 'does this program improve how we're operating?'" said Katie Reberg, project manager at the Sorensen Impact Center...



May 4, 2017

Social Capital MarketsGood Capital Project Update

James Lee “Jim” Sorenson is a recognized leader in impact investing and the Chairman of the Sorenson Impact Foundation. Jim is the co-founder of the private equity firm Sorenson Capital and founder and chairman of Sorenson Media....



Apr. 27, 2017

Disrupt AfricaHow you can help the entrepreneurs you care about succeed

Last year, our team at Village Capital set out to take this question — “What works in entrepreneur support?” — one step further. We teamed up with the DOEN Foundation, the Kauffman Foundation, and the Sorenson Impact Foundation to conduct a real-life experiment called VilCap Communities...



Apr. 23, 2017

ImpactAlphaCities shouldn’t try to imitate Silicon Valley to support startups

The study, conducted in partnership with the DOEN, Kauffman and Sorenson Impact foundations, found accelerators with programs were more likely to succeed when they focused on local sectors like agriculture or water...



Apr. 12, 2017

University of Virginia Pay for Success LabPay for Success Lab Newsletter

Thankfully, as the field of PFS continues to grow and change, there are many high-quality organizations that provide technical assistance to communities. The Sorenson Impact Center and Harvard Government Performance Lab are both university-based. There are several...



Apr. 4, 2017

Global University VenturingKansas educates future investors

VC firm Royal Street Ventures has partnered student-led investment fund University Venture Fund, Kauffmann Foundation, Sorenson Impact Center, and a range of private individuals to launch the Kansas City University Venture Program, according to Startland...



Mar. 3, 2017

THE IMPACTJim Sorenson: A Case Study in Impact Investing

Jim believes impact investing is a powerful method for scaling solutions to local and global challenges, and for creating significant economic value. Jim makes impact investments with his personal capital, out of the endowments of his foundations (in the form of mission-related investments), and uses grantmaking capital from his foundations to make program-related investments (or PRIs)...


Mar. 2, 2017

FINANCING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSEpisode 7 Interview with Jim Sorenson: How Foundations can Catalyze Social Entrepreneurship using PRIs

Jim Sorenson is a highly successful entrepreneur and business executive who has become a pioneer in the field of impact investing...



Feb. 23, 2017

MIT GOV/LABData-Driven Government: A Case Study in U.S. Criminal Justice

How can big data be leveraged to improve government? We report back evidence from the 2017 Winter Innovation Summit...



Oct. 7, 2016

FORBESHow You Can Invest In (Not Donate) Ending Homelessness

Jeremy Keele, who previously worked for Salt Lake County and now serves as Managing Director for the Sorenson Impact Center at the David Eccles School of Business as the University of Utah, explains how it works...



Jan. 11, 2016

Jan. 11, 2016

FORBESRethinking Philanthropy: Why Impact Investing Makes Giving Sustainable

Guest Post by James Lee Sorenson. Due diligence is just as necessary to charitable giving as it is to the other aspects of your personal finances. It is time we apply market-like logic to our philanthropic donations. Cue impact investing...



Feb. 25, 2015

FORBESWealthy Entrepreneur Focused On Impact Investing

James Lee Sorenson, whose late father was listed among Forbes' billionaires and left his fortune to charity, has focused his significant personal wealth accumulated through his own entrepreneurship on driving impact around the world...