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Empowering those who strive to do good.

Sorenson Impact works with nonprofits across many issue areas, including behavioral health, criminal justice, early childhood, homelessness, and public health. Achieving impact requires not only knowing the long-term outcomes for service recipients, but knowing how positive long-term outcomes impact the community as a whole. We cultivate the development of high-quality programs, incorporate a robust monitoring and evaluation system, and expand the field’s knowledge base in highlighting those programs that can demonstrate impact.

Our team of performance management experts, data scientists, policy experts, and academics contribute value that is greater than the sum of its parts. We collaborate in the development of a robust set of field-tested tools, templates, and organizational structures that help nonprofit providers shift towards an outcome-oriented mindset, a system that aligns mission and measurement.

Nonprofits are a crucial part of a collective effort to achieve positive impacts—an invaluable part of the puzzle without whom quality services cannot exist. Sorenson Impact works as an advocate and advisor across sectors to build the value proposition for crucial stakeholders, including governments, private service providers, philanthropic foundations, impact investors, and community-based organizations. We accelerate sustainable social change through the use of capital, innovation, data, and cross-sector collaboration.


How we help the helpers:


data-driven tools

We work to formalize and employ informed decision-making with innovative tools and evidence-based strategies.



impact measurement

We foster a culture of continuous improvement with meaningful impact measurement systems.



technical assistance

We provide guidance and in-depth technical assistance in shifting to an outcomes-based, deliberate decision-making mindset.



customized data solutions

We help develop customized data solutions to guide program design and delivery in real time to bolster performance measurement.



scaling programs

We examine the scalability of programs using social impact financing vehicles, such as Pay for Success / Social Impact Bonds and other tools.



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