Performance & Innovation


Measurable progress at scale.

Not enough is being done to help government make meaningful, measurable change through high-quality preventative, developmental, and treatment-based programs. Catalytic, not incremental, change is necessary to move the needle on seemingly intractable social problems.

There is a growing group of thoughtful state and county policymakers around the country who are committed to leveraging innovative new tools and strategies to more effectively address social problems in their communities. Those tools include social impact finance, data analytics, social cost-benefit modeling, performance-based contracting, impact investing, outcomes funds, program evaluation, and other similar concepts. Coupled with an increasingly engaged philanthropic community, governments across the globe are seeking to engage in cross-sector partnerships, results-based philanthropy and impact investing to close the gap on unmet needs.


How we do it:


open productive dialogue

We organize work sessions early and often to spark productive dialogue among different parties, such as analysts, politicians, staff, and front-line workers to review and respond to trends.



track down data

We work to track down relevant data and research related literature to help build customized tools.



clean the data

We help clean and organize the data so it is understandable and comparable. We also impute missing data based on sound statistical practices and perform exploratory analysis, measuring and plotting descriptive statistics.



analyze trends

We uncover and analyze trends and then convene a series of meetings to report on trends and discuss implications on management strategies.



find & implement new ideas

We scour the globe to research best practices for social programs so that you don't have to. After presenting the best options, we see what's right for you and help come up with an implementation plan.



For more information on how we can analyze your initiatives: