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An Ambitious Agenda

by Jeremy Keele

Since being named President & CEO at Sorenson Impact in January, I’ve reflected on our past accomplishments as well as a number of exciting opportunities for our future. As friends of the Center know, many great minds have contributed to today’s organization. It’s worth reflecting for a moment on the Center’s path—started by our founder, Jim Sorenson—and his remarkable vision to create a center of innovation that directs resources to proven models in the social sector.

In 2001, the University Venture Fund (UVF), the first experiential student venture fund in the country, began training and educating students on social impact investing domestically. Then, in 2013, Jim endowed the Sorenson Global Impact Investing (SGII) Center. SGII built on UVF’s success of offering students training in impact investing due diligence skills—this time for opportunities worldwide. Undergraduate and graduate students were able to advise on tens of millions of dollars in investments every year. Also, in 2013, I helped launch the Policy Innovation Lab with a combination of public and private grants to bring innovative financing tools to governments and nonprofits in order to make measurable social impact.

These groundbreaking platforms are now under one roof: the Sorenson Impact Center.

We focus our energies on three main areas: impact investing, impact measurement, and social sector performance and innovation. The skills we have developed over the years in data analysis, financial structuring and investment, and implementing new, innovative projects and policies uniquely positions us to help our clients and partners make an outsized impact that outlives our involvement.

Along with developing invaluable skills, we have attracted world-class talent. Over the past several years, we’ve built an incredible team of 30 professionals. Our theory of change is to engage with myriad stakeholders to drive impact. This approach has attracted in-house experts in international development; financial markets and tools; nonprofits, philanthropy and government; and data science. 

This exceptional bullpen of professionals enables us to break down common silos, champion the best solutions from each sector, and work together to solve pressing social challenges that impede global progress.

It is my hope that this Think Tank will be a place to hash out new ideas, form connections, and discover different perspectives on important issues.

I invite you to explore our new website and come back often, as we provide updates on the exciting projects we have the privilege of pursuing.

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