An Impact Chat on Gender Lens Investing


by Kimberly Venable

I had the privilege of introducing the Impact Investing through a Gender Lens panel at our 2017 Winter Innovation Summit held in January, with Jacki ZehnerJackie VanderBrug, and Robyn Scott. The panel was a crowd-favorite that left the audience wanting more.

Fortunately, Jacki and Jackie also took a moment to sit down with us for an Impact Chat to discuss their views on gender lens investing. In the video, Jackie asserts that "financing feminism is profitable."

As Women's Month comes to a close, I invite you to watch this thought-provoking Impact Chat posted below. And if you're interested in more on gender lens investing, check out Jackie VanderBrug's bookGender Lens Investing: Uncovering Opportunities for Growth, Returns, and Impact. Also, stay tuned for when we release Robyn Scott's impact chat later this year.

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Lisa Cox