Student Spotlight: Conner Ludlow


Conner has been at the Sorenson Impact Center since December 2016 and recently traveled with the Center to Nairobi, Kenya.

Degree: Pursuing B.S. in Information Systems
Affiliation: Undergraduate, Brigham Young University
Anticipated graduation: April 2019
Hometown: Sandy, Utah

What was your most fulfilling experience in Kenya?

Visiting with our portfolio companies felt fulfilling. It felt like we were a part of what they were doing, not just on the outside looking in. For one company, Copia, we got to go and visit some of their agents in small villages. It was fun to speak with them and hear how their lives had improved since they became an agent and see the impact that one of our companies was having. 

How did the trip change you?

The trip definitely gave me a lot to think about. One thing I realized was we typically look at the conditions in Kenya and think, "Wow, that’s third world,” but even though the people we met were living off of far less than we do in the U.S., their happiness didn't seem any less. I wasn’t expecting them to be miserable or anything, but the experience gave me perspective to think about what really matters and what deserves my focus.

Why do you think impact investing is important?

There are lots of great ideas and people in Kenya that are trying to innovate and create change. In a place like Kenya, that goes a long way. They’re not merely searching for "the next big thing," but for ideas that will help improve people's situations and potentially change lives. Impact investing is great because it gives these people power to accomplish what they are trying to do. 

Why and how did you become involved with Sorenson Impact? 

I got involved with Sorenson Impact because of the great experience it offers. I like the Center's cause, and wanted to learn and gain experience in the space.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I'd love to start my own company or work for a startup.

Do you have a favorite quote/personal philosophy?

"It's better to live a life of oh well's than of what if's."

Tell us your hobbies.
Skiing, hockey, and pretty much anything outdoors; plus a bit of guitar.