Student Spotlight: Max Metcalf


Max has been at the Center since the fall of 2016 and recently traveled with the Center to Nairobi, Kenya.

Degree: Pursuing B.S. in Economics
Affiliation: Undergraduate, Brigham Young University
Anticipated graduation: Spring 2018
Hometown: Murray, Utah

Why and how did you become involved with Sorenson Impact? 

I love learning about how to solve social problems via the private sector. Sorenson Impact has helped me learn valuable analytical skills and to look at problems from different angles. It is neat to see different companies solving complex social problems with for-profit solutions that are sustainable and impactful. 

How did the trip change you?

It changed my perspective on the effect the western world has on developing countries. Often times I thought of everything western being introduced to developing countries as a good thing. However, after visiting Kenya I learned the importance of having technological advances come from within the country. I think Kenya has been overexposed in some aspects to the western world, which is why I think it is so important to invest in Kenyan companies rather than bringing the influence of American companies to Kenya.

What was your most moving experience in Kenya?

Driving out to Nanyuki and seeing all of the people living in rural villages and interacting with the farmers that supply the nuts to EcoFuels (which they turn into energy).

Why do you think impact investing is important?

I think impact investing is important because it enables Kenya to develop infrastructure and technology from within their own country, generating more jobs and having a longer lasting effect on the economy.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

A huge senior trip! 

What are you passionate about?

Wage equality.

Do you have a favorite quote/personal philosophy?

"Nobody climbs a mountain to get to the middle."

Who is your idol and why?

Rudy Gobert, a center for the Utah Jazz. I admire his dedication.

Tell us your hobbies.

Golf, wakeboarding, skiing, and waterskiing.