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Catalyzing Impact and Empowering Early Childhood Education Leaders

The first big project in which I participated as a Policy Innovation Fellow was the Early Childhood Innovation Lab (ECIL). The inaugural lab was a collaboration between the National Head Start Association, the Sorenson Impact Center, and the David Eccles School of Business that aims to enable early childhood service providers to create sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues they face at work.

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Gabe Morenostudent, impact fellow
On the Ground in Jakarta

Since joining Sorenson Impact nearly two years ago, I am frequently reminded of the nascent state of social impact investing.  Earlier this fall, I attended Sankalp’s third annual Southeast Asia Summit hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. While there, I met with dozens of social entrepreneurs, on-the-ground investors, and local incubators. As the field is maturing, many conferences I attend debate the same three questions: What is social impact investing? How can we help others get more involved in this space? and finally, What is the future of impact investing?

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Clearing the Path to Educational Empowerment for Refugees

As a recent graduate from the University of Utah, I’ve experienced firsthand how empowering receiving a diploma is. A small, 11x14” piece of paper represents four years of learning about topics you didn’t know existed, building lasting connections with professors and peers, and an unbelievable amount of hard work. The same small piece of paper also represents overcoming the hurdles that come hand-in-hand with higher education: rising tuition costs, student debt, and an increasingly competitive environment.

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