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Investing in Hearing Solutions For Children in Economically Disadvantaged Communities

In 2018, earAccess tapped the Sorenson Impact Foundation for funding, and the student fellows at the Sorenson Impact Center jumped on the project. Students conducted impact research, financial modeling, market analysis and more to form an educated opinion on the success of earAccess's business model. Learn about earAccess and their impact.

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Kindergarten Readiness in Coastal Oregon

In 2017, the Northwest Oregon Kinder Ready Collaborative asked the Sorenson Impact Center to examine eight school districts' education data to inform their journey of developing a preschool program, aiming to increase Kindergarten readiness. Data scientist Gwendolyn Reynolds traveled to Oregon with her team, gathered mounds of data from hundreds of spreadsheets, and created a visualization to help explain the relationships found among different factors that influence early childhood learning.

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