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Fall Newsletter

We say farewell to Jeremy Keele, who is departing from the Sorenson Center to pursue other exciting endeavors; Jeremy Lund will now serve as interim CEO; Jim Sorenson shares his insight on the urgent need for the Investing in Opportunities Act in the latest ThinkTank; Kaitie Jowers and Kimberly Venable show us the planning and behind-the-scenes for the Winter Innovation Summit; Courtney McBeth describes her experience with the first ever Early Childhood Innovation Lab; former Impact Fellow Katie Houser highlights her most memorable project while at the center; the professional spotlight shines on Senior Associate Greg Keough, and student spotlight on Impact Fellow Curtis Clawson.

September Newsletter

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Winter Innovation Summit! A message from Governor Gary Herbert; featured book: The Innovation Blindspot, with an impact investing chapter featuring our founder Jim Sorenson; CITYLAB's article featuring the Sorenson Impact Data Science team, 'What This Salt Lake City Heatmap Tells Us About Drug Crime;' an insight with Impact Fellow Jameson Osmond and experimental education at Sorenson Impact; the professional spotlight shines on Katie Reberg and student spotlight features Sammy Flitton.

Summer Newsletter

Sorenson Impact founder, Jim Sorenson, talks with Sorenson's President & CEO, Jeremy Keele; Featured book 'What Matters Investing in Results,' with chapters written by Sorenson's very own Jeremy Keele, Janis Dubno & Sara Peters; the M.I.T journal chapter by Jeremy Keele & Fraser Nelson in partnership with Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams is the featured article; "The Data on Recidivism" by Daniel Hadley; Professional spotlight shines on Jack Robinson, Ph.D. and student spotlight featuring Max Metcalf.


Stay in the Loop

Matthew Weatherly-White of The CAPROCK Group and Nicholas Fritz of Sorenson Impact discuss impact measurement; Tracy Palandjian of Social Finance and Gretchen Anderson of Sorenson Impact speak on the history and future of Pay for Success / Social Impact Bonds; Jeremy Lund talks impact investing and higher education in our Think Tank; the spotlight shines on professional Courtney McBeth and student Sandra Octaviani; and the Sorenson Impact Center congratulates 11 graduating students.

Announcing the Think Tank

Check out Sorenson Impact's new blog, the Think Tank! President & CEO Jeremy Keele kicks it off with reflections on our past and future.

Announcing Open Grant Competitions at Sorenson Impact

Both our Pay for Success feasibility grant and our Pay for Success data assistance grant re-opened on March 1, 2017. And hear our Chief Data Scientist, Daniel Hadley, discuss the challenges and opportunities of data in the social sector with Rayid Ghani, Director of the Center for Data Science & Public Policy at the University of Chicago with our new Impact Chat release.

February 2017 Newsletter

A new Sorenson Impact look, Jeremy Keele becomes President & CEO, Soledad O'Brien & Mikaela Beardsley talk What Works Media Project in their Impact Chat, the 2017 Winter Innovation Summit thank you, announcing awardees for the SIF data grant, and collaborating with Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) .