January 24–26 • Salt Lake City

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The Winter Innovation Summit is the premier cross-industry event in social impact, innovation, and investing. This year’s Summit will bring together policymakers, funders, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs to explore the future of social innovation across the globe. Join us for the latest breakthroughs in social impact, innovation, and investing; ski the greatest snow on Earth; and experience the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. 


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The  2018 Winter Innovation Summit will be held in the University of Utah's historic Fort Douglas area. Check back often for schedule updates.

Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Abravanel Hall is the home of the Utah Symphony.

Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Abravanel Hall is the home of the Utah Symphony.

24 January  |  Wednesday

8:00 AM–9:00 AM: Breakfast, Gardner Hall
9:00 AM–12:00 PM: Plenary, Keynote
12:00 PM–1:00 PM: Lunch, Gardner Hall
1:00 PM–5:00 PM: Impact Partner Track Sessions
6:00 PM: Sundance Film Screening in Downtown Salt Lake
7:00 PM: Networking Reception at Abravanel Hall

25 January  |  Thursday

8:00 AM–9:00 AM: Breakfast, Gardner Hall
9:00 AM–12:00 PM: Plenary, Keynote
12:00 PM–1:00 PM: Lunch, Gardner Hall
1:00 PM–5:00 PM: Impact Partner Track Sessions
6:00 PM–9:00 PM: Clips and Conversations: Films by Impact Partners at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

The newly reimagined and remodeled Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) houses 20,000 original works, ancient to contemporary.

The newly reimagined and remodeled Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) houses 20,000 original works, ancient to contemporary.


26 January  |  Friday

Day of skiing or snowboarding at Solitude Mountain Resort and networking on the "greatest snow on Earth."

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Reservations: 801.587.1000

Toll-free: 888.416.4075

Letter from Jim Sorenson

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Sorenson Impact Center, we are truly pleased to invite you to the fourth annual Winter Innovation Summit taking place January 24–26. It is shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind event full of engaging and thoughtful guests holding a wide range of expertise, ideas, and enthusiasm for discussions.

As may of you know, we pride ourselves on bringing together disparate sectors, including government, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, non-profits, and foundations. More than ever, solving challenging issues requires honest and active collaboration. Our gathering, which has become the largest and most dynamic of its kind, gives each of us the opportunity to connect with professionals across myriad roles, industries, sectors, and communities to share challenges, to brainstorm solutions, and most importantly, to support each other in achieving outsized, positive impact.

Much of what has united our disparate approaches to problem-solving is a laser focus on results. These measurable, defined outcomes have become the lodestar by which we guide the contribution of our resources, making sure we help the most people by doing the most good with the time and resources we have.

We look forward to a full agenda, reflecting the importance of our movement. However, there is also time for fun, including receptions, world-class film premieres and a day of skiing the greatest snow on Earth! Please join us in advancing the innovation agenda and in making a positive impact on the lives and communities that need it most.


Jim's signature.png

Jim Sorenson

Letter from Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams

Dear Friends:

On behalf of Salt Lake County, welcome to the fourth annual Winter Innovation Summit. We are pleased you are able to attend and add your thoughts and ideas to the important discussions we have planned.

I believe that looking to data and evidence to design and measure social programs has never been more important. True, much of the country has recovered from the Great Recession. Unemployment is down and many communities have stabilized their tax base. But broad-based prosperity—where everyone has opportunity and social inclusion—still eludes too many.

Salt Lake County is making the case for why outcomes should drive the time and money we put into programs for our residents and taxpayers. Specifically, we’re advancing Pay for Success models to address homelessness and recidivism—intractable challenges made more complicated by the national opioid epidemic. As one of our guests, Bruce Katz, writes in his upcoming book (The New Localism: How Cities can Thrive in the Age of Populism), “cities are on the vanguard of problem solving throughout this country.” Local and regional government leaders ignore partisanship and ideological extremes in order to coalesce around common sense, innovative proposals, backed up by data and rigorous evaluation.

This effort is not easy. Our challenges are complex. But there is too much at stake for us not to push forward. I’m grateful to our partners—the Sorenson Impact Center, SOCAP, and the Sundance Film Institute—for continuing this platform for advancing an innovation agenda.

Mayor Signature - Ben McAdams.png

Mayor Ben McAdams

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